Quote of the week (Jun. 18, 2010)

Xībānyá zuì dà de dírén bú shì biérén, jiù shì zìjǐ.
西班牙   最 大 的 敌人 不 是 别人, 就 是 自己。

The biggest enemy of  (the soccer team of) Spain is not its opponent, but is itself.
—From “黄健翔 (Huáng Jiànxiáng) Huang Jianxiang,” a famous sports commentator and host in China, on Spain being defeated by Switzerland in 2010 World Cup.
生词 (shēngcí) Vocabulary

敌人 (dírén): n enemy

自己 (zìjǐ): pron oneself

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  1. I started to study Chinese online in last year and I love to remember Chinese characters together with their antonyms. Can someone tell me what is the antonym of “敌人?” Thanks a lot!

  2. I know the antonym of 敌人 is 朋友 (péng you). In English, it means friend. My written Chinese is pretty good, but I am poor at spoken Chinese. Is it helpful to improve my spoken Chinese if I study Chinese online? Does it work?

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