Quote of the week (Jul. 20, 2010)

Dāng rénmen wèn jí wǒ nǎ yí gè jìnqiú shì zuì jīngcǎi, piàoliang de,

当        人们     问  及我 哪一 个  进球   是  最   精彩、   漂亮      的,

wǒ de huídá shì:  xià yí gè!
我 的 回答    是:下一 个!

When I was asked which the most wonderful goal was, my answer was: the next (goal)!  —From “贝利 (Bèilì) Pele,” one of the most famous soccer players in history.

生词 (shēngcí) Vocabulary

精彩 (jīngcǎi): adj. wonderful

漂亮 (piàoliang): adj. beautiful

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  1. I am a sports fan. I want to learn to speak Chinese words “penalty kick.” Is there anyone can help me? Thanks!

  2. I read this Chinese conversation a few days ago. By the way how to speak Chinese word for “last goal?”

  3. I have learned Chinese for 3 years and I can speak Chinese without too much trouble now. I think the Chinese words for last goal are 上个进球 (shàng gè jìnqiú).

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