Quote of the week (Aug. 3, 2010)

Wǒ zhēn de xiǎng bāngzhù Yáo Míng.
 我    真   的   想     帮助        姚    明。

I really want to help Yao Ming.  —From “布拉德•米勒 (Bùlādé•Mǐlè) Brad Miller.” Miller signed with the Houston Rockets and would become a substitute for Yao Ming.

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  1. “的” is adj. and “地” is adv., am I right? “Really” here is an adv. qualifying “想”, so should it be “真地”? Is this not paid attention to when speaking Chinese?

  2. Strictly speaking, it should be “真地”, but in reality, people doesn’t seem to be so rigid. Not only when people speak Chinese, but even in the written form.

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