Quote of the week (Aug. 17, 2010)

Wàngjì diànshì shàng de nàxiē guǎnggào ba,
忘记      电视        上    的  那些    广告       吧,
wǒ zhīdào wǒ méiyǒu Dàwèi·Bèikèhànmǔ shuài.
我   知道    我   没有      大卫·贝克    汉姆     帅。

Forget those ads on TV, I know I’m not as handsome as David Beckham.
 —From “姚明 (Yáo Míng) Yao Ming,” an NBA star, when asked about his future plans. 

3 thoughts on “Quote of the week (Aug. 17, 2010)”

  1. In this free Chinese lesson, “那些” means those, and what’s the meaning of “哪些?”

  2. “那” is a demonstrative pronouns, for example: 那个 (Nàge) means that one. “哪” is a interrogative word, such as “哪个 (nǎge) which one?”

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