Olympic Lingo in Chinese (Elementary)

Recently the Chinese people have been enthralled by the 30th Olympic Games in London, with many people staying up late into the night to watch the representatives from their country compete. China has had some big wins in 2012, as well as some losses, each stirring up the Chinese people’s hearts. They feel pride for their competitors and cheer for their victory, such as that of swimmer Ye Shiwen. They are disappointed yet understanding about the unexpected losses, as with the injury of hurdler Liu Xiang. Win or lose, this is a time for enjoying the spirit of the Olympics.

Here are some phrases you might hear this Olympic season.

Language Points:

1. 五金王 (wǔ jīn wáng) lit. “Hardware king,” someone who wins five gold medals.

Zōu Kǎi chéngwéile Zhōngguó Àoyùn wǔ jīn wáng.
邹     凯    成为了         中国       奥运   五  金  王。
Zou Kai became the first Chinese athlete to win five Olympic gold medals.

2. 自由游 (zìyóuyǒng) to swim freestyle

Zìyóuyǒng shì zhè wèi Àodàlìyà xuǎnshǒu de qiángxiàng.
自由泳       是   这  位  澳大利亚   选手      的   强项。
This Australian swimmer is good at freestyle.

Sūn Yáng pò shìjiè jìlù duó 1500 mǐ zìyóuyǒng jīnpái.
孙     杨     破 世界纪录 夺  1500 米  自由泳     金牌。
Sun Yang broke the men’s 1,500m freestyle world record and won the gold medal at the Olympic Games.

3. 大满贯 (dàmǎnguàn) clean sweep

Tā shì yǔmáoqiú jiè de dàmǎnguàn dé zhǔ.
他  是   羽毛球    界  的  大满贯        得 主。
In the world of badminton, he always wins by a clean sweep.

Wú Mǐnxiá duó jīn chéngjiù dàmǎnguàn.
吴   敏霞     夺  金   成就        大满贯。
Wu Minxia won gold with a clean sweep in diving.


1. A player who wins every competition in his/her field is said to have ______?

A. 大满贯 (dàmǎnguàn)               B. 五金王 (wǔ jīn wáng)             C. 自由泳 (zìyóuyǒng)

2. How do you say “freestyle” in Chinese?

A. 游泳 (yóuyǒng)                B. 蛙泳 (wāyǒng)                  C. 自由泳 (zìyóuyǒng)

Answers to the practice questions: 1. A    2. C

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