Obama’s 2009 Nobel Peace Prize: Learn about it in Chinese

Obama Won 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

U.S. President Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on October 9th, which 大跌眼镜(dàdiēyănjìng) surprised many people around the world. Some people said that this was the most 尴尬(gāngà) embarrassing winner of the prize in the history of Nobel Prize, even Obama himself said he was surprised. This is because this kind of prize traditionally 奖励(jiănglì) rewards those who have contributed to the peace of the world. Obama, however, just assumed the post of the U.S. President 9 months ago, and as yet has not really achieved a feat worthy of the coveted prize. People have said that it was a beautiful “陷阱(xiànjĭng) trap.”

Let’s hear what Obama said after the ceremony:

“Wŏ bă zhè ge jiăngxiàng shìwéi xíngdòng de hūyù, yì zhŏng duì quán shìjiè gè guó rénmín yónggăn
“我   把  这  个    奖项        视为    行动      的 呼吁,一  种    对    全   世界   各  国   人民     勇敢
miànduì 21 shìjì suŏyŏu tiăozhàn de yì zhŏng hūyù.”
面对      21 世纪   所有      挑战    的 一   种    呼吁”。
“I treated the prize as a call for action, a kind of call for the people in the world to be brave and to face all challenges in 21 century.”


1. 大跌眼镜(dàdiēyănjìng) n. surprise

大跌眼镜(dàdiēyănjìng) is the phrase for “Surprise or Shock.” The character 大(dà) means big; 跌(diē) means stumble; 眼(yăn) means eye and 镜(jìng) means glass or mirror.

2. 尴尬(gāngà) n. embarrassment

尴尬(gāngà) is the word for “Embarrassment.” The character 尴(gān) means awkward and 尬(gà) means an embarrassing situation.

3. 奖励(jiănglì) n. rewarding

奖励(jiănglì) is the word for “Rewarding.” The chatacter 奖(jiăng) means award or prize and 励(lì) means exhort.

4. 陷进(xiànjĭng) n. trap

陷阱(xiànjĭng) is the word for “Trap.” The character 陷(xiàn) means trap and 阱(jĭng) means snare.

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