Kids’ Chinese Nursery Rhyme: I Don’t Pick the Beautiful Flowers.

"花儿好看我不摘 (Huār hǎo kàn wǒ bù zhāi) I don't pick the beautiful flowers." is a popular nursery rhyme in Chinese. Learn it through our Mandarin lessons online now!

Listen to the whole nursery rhyme

Gōngyuán lǐ, huār kāi,
公园        里,花儿开,

In the park, the flowers are blooming.

Hóng de hóng, bái de bái,
红       的 红, 白   的  白,

The red ones are bright; the white ones are pure.

Huār hǎo kàn wǒ bù zhāi,
花儿   好 看    我 不   摘,

The flowers are beautiful and I don't pick them.

Dàjiā kuā wǒ hǎo guāi guāi.
大家   夸  我   好   乖   乖。

Everybody praises me for being a good child.


花儿 (huār): n. flower

红 (hóng): adj. red

白 (bái): adj. white

6 thoughts on “Kids’ Chinese Nursery Rhyme: I Don’t Pick the Beautiful Flowers.”

  1. Bu changes from fourth tone to second tone when it is before a word that is pronounced fourth tone…i belive

  2. I have taught the characters “白” and “红” to my little one, and I’d like to find a good way to help her learn other colors. Got any Mandarin lessons online for this?

  3. Here are some Chinese characters for colors: “蓝(lán, blue), 绿(lǜ, green), 黄(huáng, yellow), 黑(hēi, black), 紫(zǐ, purple), and 粉(fěn, pink). “

  4. Why does the word “不 bu” change its tone in different sentences? Are there any rules for it? Is this explained in any of your Mandarin lessons online?

  5. This website is really a walk-through for the entire information you needed about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse here, and also you’ll definitely uncover it.

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