New Movie-非常完美 (fēicháng wánměi) Sophie’s Revenge

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非常完美(fēicháng wánměi) Sophie’s Revenge

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The new movie 非常完美(fēicháng wánměi)
Sophie’s Revenge, released on Aug.14th, 2009,
is a new kind of romantic comedy with a global vision. It stars Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing together with Peter Ho, and South Korean actor Ji-seob as the male lead. It is “a war to win love” between a cartoonist, played by Zhang Ziyi, and a famous star, played by Fan Bingbing. The movie is named 非常完美(fēicháng wánměi) because of the bright colors, delicate pictures, catchy music, and romantic story, as well as the comedy sections with hilarious jokes. What’s more, it brings many young pop idols together, making it even more popular.

The meaning of 非常完美(fēicháng wánměi):

非(fēi) means non or not and 常(cháng) is a word used to express frequency, 非常(fēicháng) together means very and extraordinary to refer to an extreme degree. 完(wán) means to end or to finish and 美(měi) means beautiful, but together, 完美(wánměi) means perfect. Please take a look at the following examples:

非(fēi) not:

Zhè shì fēimàipĭn.
这    是   非卖品。
This is not for sale.

常(cháng) often:

Tā cháng qù gōngyuán liùgŏu.
他    常    去    公园         遛狗。
He often walks the dog in the park.

完(wán) finish:

Jié Kè yĭjīng zuò wán jiātíng zuòyè le.
杰 克  已经  做    完    家庭   作业  了。
Jack has already finished his homework.

美(měi) beautiful:

Zhè fú huà tài měi le!
这   幅  画  太  美  了!
This painting is so beautiful!

非常(fēicháng) very:

Tā jīntiān fēicháng gāoxìng!
他 今天     非常       高兴!
He is very pleased today!

完美(wánměi) perfect:

Zhège wǎngzhàn yĭjīng hěn wánměi le!
这个    网站         已经   很    完美    了!
This website is already perfect!

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