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Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the international standard for Chinese education. This was the first standard for foreign Chinese students by the National Committee on language and culture. The levels were divided into level three and level nine. The international standard for Chinese education will officially be implemented as of July 1, 2021.

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According to the future industry research, the domestic language service industry involves a variety of translation services. And according to the data of the 2019 report on the development of the Chinese language service industry, the top three translation orders received by the language service companies were 63%, 52%, and 45.3% respectively.

HSK 3 quiz

The standard was also innovative in the following three aspects:
First of all, it was a new international standard for independent innovations in syllables, Chinese characters, words, and English. It had the system advantage of taking Chinese as its feature and fully reflecting the characteristics of Chinese culture and was truely unique.
The specific operation index of each level of Chinese education standard made the target of various Chinese education goals clear and reliable.
Secondly, another goal is to create a new standard path, “3+5”, which included verbal communication ability, topic task content, language measurement, and 5 basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and deciphering. It was a combination of qualitative description and qualitative index to accurately describe the Chinese level of the learner.
Thirdly, to address the problem of the orientation by facing the “big problem” in the international Chinese English teaching, create the “grading outline”, and effectively connect with the “grade three and grade nine” Chinese level system, which will strengthen and improve the targeting and effectiveness of the English teaching and testing.
Let’s have a simple one

HSK 3 quiz

nǐ  de  yá   zhēn  hǎo  kàn  ɑ ,shì  zhēn  de  hái  shì   jiǎ  de  yɑ ?
你   的  牙     真   好   看   啊, 是     真    的   还   是    假    的   呀?
Your teeth are so beautiful. Is it true or not?

jiǎ   de .
假    的。
Not real.

zhēn  de  mɑ ?
真     的   吗?

zhēn   de !
真      的!

Is the tooth of B real or not?

HSK 3 quiz

Here are some more difficult ones:
Try to be sharp
zhè  jǐ  tiān  tiān  tiān  tiān  qì  bù   hǎo.
这  几   天    天    天    天    气   不    好。
The weather was bad these days.

wǒ  yǒu  yí  gè  xiǎo  běn  ben  běn  lái  hěn  gàn  jìng .
我     有   一  个  小     本    本    本    来    很    干     净。
I used to have a very clean notebook.

yòng   dú   dú   dú   shé   dú  shé  huì  bú  huì  bèi  dú  dú  sǐ ?
用      毒    毒    毒   蛇     毒    蛇   会   不    会     被   毒   毒   死?
Would the snake be poisoned to death?

nǐ  qù  bān  shɑng  shǔ  shǔ  shǔ  shù  shǔ  bù  hǎo  de  yǒu  duō  shǎo
你    去   班    上      数    数     数     数    数   不   好    的    有     多     少?
How many people in your class are not good at math?

duō  kuī  pǎo  le  liǎng  bù , chà  diǎn  méi  shàng  shɑng  shàng  shàng  hǎi  de  chē.
多    亏      跑   了    两     步,   差    点    没       上       上      上       上        海     的    车。
Thanks to the two steps, she almost missed the car to Shanghai.

míng  ming  míng  míng  míng  bɑi  bái  bɑi  xǐ  huɑn  tā ,kě  tā  jiù  shì  bù  shuō.
明         明      明     明       明       白    白     白  喜  欢   他, 可  她  就   是    不    说。
Mingming knew clearly that Baibai liked him, but she didn’t say it

HSK 3 quiz
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