Mini-Test Answer: 着 (zhe)

Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōng)

The right answer to the quiz is A.

        Mén kāi zhe, jìnlai ba.
Boss: 门 开   着,进来 吧。

        The door is open, please come in.

         Lǎobǎn, zhè shì nín yào de wénjiàn.
Mike: 老板,    这 是   您    要   的   文件。

         Sir, here are the documents you wanted.


The word “着 (zhe)” here is a dynamic auxiliary word. When used after a verb, the auxiliary “着 (zhe)” acts like the -ing ending in English; it creates the present participle. The expression “开着” in the conversation shows that the door is open.

Mèimei zài chuángshang tǎngzhe.
妹妹     在     床上               躺着。

The little sister is lying on the bed.

Xiǎomāo zài chuāngtáishang pāzhe shuìjiào ne.
小猫        在     窗台上              趴着     睡觉   呢。

The kitten is lying on the sill asleep.

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