Mini-test Answer: 学生 (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

Correct answer: B


A. “学习 (xuéxí)” are the Chinese characters for study.

“学 (xué)” means to learn, “习 ()” means to study or to practice.

B.“学生 (xuéshēng)” are the Chinese characters for student. 
    “学 (xué)” means to learn and “生 (shēng)” means to grow.

C.“科学 (kēxué)” are the Chinese characters for science.

“科 ()” means a branch of academic study and “学 (xué)” means to learn.

D.“大学 (dàxué)” are the Chinese characters for college or university. 
    “大 ()” means big and “学 (xué)” means to learn.

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  1. You always mix prtins so perfectly! And I’m drooling over that plaid blazer – seriously, what a great find! And the mandarin style top is very pretty. I love how how the sheen of the fabric makes the dragons seem like they’re illuminating one by one when they’re hit by a certain light. Looks so, so cool!

  2. You are gorgeous with or wuthoit makeup… funny, Chloe usually takes my photos…..if anyone else offers, I feel kinda weird about it….I guess we all get used to what we get used to:)You KNOW I adore this print mix, in every itty bitty little way possible:)Happy Weekend!!!

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