Mercedes-Benz E-class Convertible

The new Mercedes-Benz E-class convertible has just hit the market recently. The new design 软硬兼施(ruănyìngjiānshī) uses both hard-top and soft-top models, meaning it is versatile and stylish and should meet the eagerly awaited expectations of many car fans. It will use the new engine-AMG with the 6.2 liter V8 engine and be more efficient and more spacious than the current CLK so that the new design will replace the CLK convertible. The new car will be big enough to offer four real-people sized seats, with the front seats said to have been redesigned to offer more leg room to rear passengers. People in China are awaiting the new design. With the depression of the auto industry around the world, the Chinese market now is very important for all car manufacturers, especially the C level car market.

软硬兼施(ruănyìngjiānshī) To Use Both Hard and Soft Tactics

The phrase 软硬兼施(ruănyìngjiānshī) is a Chinese idiom, which originates from a famous Chinese novel 第二次握手(Dì Èr Cì Wòshǒu) The Second Handshake by Chinese writer Zhang Yang and means using both hard and soft tactics. The words 软(ruăn) means soft and 硬(yìng) means hard, 兼(jiān) means both, and 施(shī) means doing or carrying out.

The Usage of the Phrase

Tā ruănyìngjiānshī, kě zěnme yě shuìfú bù liăo tā de péngyou.
他    软硬兼施,    可  怎么   也  说服   不  了 他  的  朋友。
He cannot persuade his friends even by both hard and soft tactics.

Duìfu tā zhè zhǒng rén, jiù yào ruănyìngjiānshī cái xíng.
对付  他  这    种    人,就   要      软硬兼施      才  行。
You should use both hard and soft tactics to handle people like him.

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