Lucky Number in Chinese-8

Key Learning Points (Preview):

发 (fā): v. to be lucky

最 (zuì): adv. the most (the superlative degree of an adjective)

Seeing the picture below, you may wonder why this car is special. Actually, this car is special because of its license plate number. On the car’s license plate we can see lots of 8, and undoubtedly, this would be the best license plate number in China and people will pay large amounts of money for these types of license plates. But why is that so?


Lóngnián zhù gè wèi shìyè fā, àiqíng fā, shēnghuó fā fā fā!
龙年          祝  各  位  事业 发,爱情  发,生活        发发发!

Wishing everyone, in the Year of the Dragon, good luck in their careers, great happiness in their relationships and good fortune for all their lives!

最 (zuì): adv. the most (the superlative degree of an adjective)


       Lín Shūháo lánqiú dǎde zhēn hǎo!
Mike: 林 书豪      篮球   打得   真    好!

       Lin Shuhao plays basketball very well!
       Shì a, tā shì wǒ jiàn guò lánqiú dǎde zuì hǎo de rén le!
Tom: 是啊,他是我 见   过    篮球    打得  最   好   的  人 了!

       Absolutely, he is the best basketball player I’ve ever seen! 

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