Learn the Finesse of Asking Age in Chinese

There are different ways to ask someone their age in Chinese and depending on which version you use, you might end up offending someone! Try the quiz below to see if you understand the finesse of asking someone’s age in Chinese. Choose the correct answer or answers.


Lǐ Lì:    Yéye, ______?
李 丽:爷爷,______?
Lily: Grandpa, ______?

Yéye: Wǒ liùshí suì le,  yǐjīng lǎo le.
爷爷:我  六十 岁 了,已经 老  了。
Grandpa: I am 60 years old, already an old man.

Lǐ Lì:    Nǎ yǒu? Nín hái hěn niánqīng ne.
李 丽:哪  有? 您   还  很    年轻      呢。
Lily: How so? You are still young.

A. 你几岁了?
B. 你多大了?
C. 您今年高寿啊?
D. 您今年多大岁数了?

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