Changing This Chinese Sentence Order Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

HSK 3 quiz

The picture source: tinyeyescomics (Instagram)

1. Please read the comics and answer the question below:

Mary: Wǒ chīfàn shì wèi le gōngzuò.
Mary: 我吃饭是为了工作。

Lì Li: Wǒ gōngzuò shì wèi le měishí.
丽丽: 我工作是为了美食。

Which of the following statement is true according to the dialogue? Please choose the best answer.

A. Li Li eats for work.
B. Li Li works for delicious food.
C. Li Li doesn’t like to work while eating.
D. Li Li likes to eat and doesn’t like to work.

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