Labor Day is Different in China this Year and Here’s Why

Due to the current outbreak of a serious infection, this Labor Day has become more serious than usual. Although some countries have initially controlled the epidemic and the rate of infection cases are declining, caution is still needed to avoid a second wave of outbreaks. Therefore, people are polarized about how they want to spend the “different Labor Day” and are deciding whether to travel or stay home. This has become a controversial topic recently.
Here is a little background on this year’s Labor Day.

Labor Day, the abbreviated form of “ International 劳动 ( láo dòng) Labor Day”, is a national holiday in more than 80 countries around the world.
Since 2009, China’s Labor Day holiday has been a three-day holiday, usually lasting from May 1st to the 3rd. In 2020, the Labor Day holiday will take 5 days. The epidemic in China has basically come to an end, and scenic spots around the country are also operating normally one after another. Through a five-day small holiday, not only can people relax a bit when they go out, but it also will promote the recovery of domestic tourism and boost consumption.

Here are some simple example sentences to use in Chinese so you can talk about the upcoming holiday.


Láo dòng chuàng zào jià zhí.
Labor creates value.

Láo dòng zuì guāng róng
Labor is an honor.

2. 旅游 (Lǚ yóu): travel

Countries around the world usually hold corresponding celebrations. However, not all countries set May 1st as Labor Day, and those countries that celebrate on May 1st tend to have different traditions and customs when they celebrate.
Many people often 旅游 (Lǚ yóu) travel on this holiday, which always reaches a record high number each year.


Wǒ men de lǚ yóu jì huà qǔ xiāo le
Our travel plans have been canceled.

wǒ jī hū měi zhōu dōu chū qù lǚ yóu
I travel almost every week.

3. 庆典 (Qìng diǎn): Celebration

Russia generally pays more attention to this festival. On May 1st, various 庆典 (Qìng diǎn) celebrations and mass processions are held countrywide. Generally, people go through the main streets of the city and finally hold large-scale 庆典 (Qìng diǎn) celebrations in the ancient or broad central square.

In China, we usually use it as a cheerful family holiday. We would normally go to the country, meet friends, and attend ceremonious events. Many people would take the opportunity to visit theaters and exhibitions. But things will be much different this year.


Yòu yī chǎng qìng diǎn jié shù le
Another celebration has drawn to a close.

How does your country celebrate Labor Day and which days do you take off from work typically? Have any questions about China’s Labor Day customs? Leave a comment and we’ll get back to you!

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