Kobe Bryant VS Jay Chou: Can You Play Basketball? (Beginner)

Key Learning Points  (Preview):

篮球 (lánqiú) n. basketball

歌曲 (gēqǔ) n. song

Recently, Kobe Bryant and Jay Chou performed a song together named “天地一斗(tiāndìyìdǒu) The Combination of Heaven and Earth“. The song is “创作 (chuàngzuò) composed” by Jay Chou and “表演 (biǎoyǎn) performed” by Kobe Bryant and Jay Chou. The “主题 (zhǔtí) theme” centers on the love of basketball and happiness from basketball.

Here is a portion of the “歌词 (gēcí) song lyrics.”

Kobe: Do you know how to play B-ball, Jay Chou?
Jay: “哼 (hēng) Hum,” of course!

Let’s enjoy this song performed by Kobe Bryant and Jay Chou.

Do you know this “帅气 (shuàiqì) handsome” guy “Jay Chou?”

Jay Chou is the most influential person in “流行音乐 (liúxíngyīnyuè) pop music” in China. His Chinese name is “周杰伦 (Zhōu Jiélún) Zhou Jielun.” We regard him as “the King of Pop in Asia,” and he is also the guy who created his own Chinese hip-hop style and combined Chinese rap with Western rap. Jay has turned a new page for the pop music of Asia.
The biggest focuses of his music are “武术 (wǔshù) martial arts” and “古典美 (gǔdiǎn měi) classical beauty. ”
Besides love “歌曲 (gēqǔ) songs,” Jay Chou has a great passion to compose songs related to martial arts, and he brings the “world” of martial arts back to our real life again. Swordplay, boxing and whirling “双截棍 (Shuāngjiégùn) Nunchakus” have become part of the pop style produced by Jay Chou. Let’s enjoy one of the most famous songs “龙拳 (Lóng quán) Dragon Fist” composed and performed by Jay Chou at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_byK6M95hTc.

As for classical beauty, Jay Chou is very “擅长 (shàncháng) good at” adding traditional culture into his songs, and he can teach us many things about Chinese culture. With beautiful words, he can liven up an ancient folk story. “青花瓷 (Qīnghuācí) Blue and white porcelain” is the most outstanding example of this. You can enjoy it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8Mqw0b9ADs.

Key Learning Points:
篮球 (lánqiú) n. basketball

Wǒ de nánpéngyou xǐhuan dǎ lánqiú.
我 的     男朋友        喜欢    打   篮球。

My boyfriend likes playing basketball.

歌曲 (gēqǔ) n. song

Wǒ hěn xǐhuan tīng gēqǔ, yīnwèi tāmen néng shūhuǎn xīnqíng.
我    很  喜欢    听   歌曲,    因为    它们    能      舒缓     心情。

I love songs because they can soothe my heart.
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  1. Remembering related words is an efficient way to learn the Chinese language, so I’d love to add some more:
    排球 (páiqiú) volleyball
    羽毛球 (yǔmáoqiú) badminton
    乒乓球 (pīngpāngqiú) table tennis

  2. I have just started echinese learning and will have my first paid lesson with my teacher this week. Please explain why the word “ai” is not in the sentence,
    Wǒ hěn xǐhuan tīng gēqǔ, yīnwèi tāmen néng shūhuǎn xīnqíng.
    我 很 喜欢 听 歌曲, 因为 它们 能 舒缓 心情
    But this translates as, I love songs because they soothe my heart.
    Could you please explain this and why the word “ai” is missing?
    Thank You

  3. Jennifer.zhu

    In Mandarin Chinese, “喜欢(xǐhuan) to like” is the synonym of “爱(ài) to love,” and “爱” is stronger in tone.
    For example:
    Wǒ hěn ài dǎ lánqiú.
    I love playing basketball very much.
    Wǒ hěn xǐhuan dǎ lánqiú.
    I like playing basketball very much.

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