How to Score a Job Teaching English in China

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China is famous over the world for its culture, cooking, and fantastic sceneries. The number of travelers in China has been increasing drastically. Especially in recent years, more and more foreigners have come to China to study Chinese, see beautiful settings, and eat local delicacies. Many of our visitors who wish to stay long term, however, would like to work here as well in order to get the full cultural experience.

Since finding a job as an English teacher in China can fulfill the goals of meeting new people from different backgrounds, seeing beautiful historical locations, and eating new and amazing food, no wonder it’s becoming a popular path to choose! I’ve heard many of you don’t know how to get started looking for the opportunity to become “英语老师 (yīngyǔ lǎoshī) an English teacher” in China. This article is meant to help you learn how to secure a teaching position in China.

There are some basic requirements that the Chinese government requires you meet to be eligible to apply for English teaching positions.

Requirements to become “英语老师 (yīngyǔ lǎoshī) an English teacher ”.

1. Have an extensive background in teaching English

2. Hold at least one certificate in TESL (teaching English as a second language), TESOL (teaching English for speakers of other languages) or TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language)

3. Be able to speak a little Mandarin Chinese since it would give a more competitive edge

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But if it is a challenge for you to get the credentials, we have plan B to make your dream of becoming “英语老师 (yīngyǔ lǎoshī) an English teacher” come true.

1. Try applying with training institutions in China. It’s a possibility that you may not be required to provide the above-mentioned credentials.

2. Study in China. You will have the experience of living with Chinese people. What’s more, if you are a native English speaker you are more likely to be hired as “英语老师 (yīngyǔ lǎoshī) an English teacher”.

3. Being interactive and good at communicating with students show you are a good “老师 (lǎoshī) teacher”.

4. Display an outgoing and active personality which would be helpful when you teach.

If you stay in a foreign country, how do you find “老师职位 (lǎoshī zhíwèi) teaching jobs” in China?

1. Contact the director of the Chinese school or university that you want to teach at and he or she can give you a remote video interview.

2. Hunt for jobs on the internet on sites such as eChinacities.

3. Take part in the International Association for Volunteer Effort to teach in China.

4. Last but not least, learn Chinese online with a program such as eChineseLearing, which is very popular. You will learn about Chinese culture, various cities, as well as earn a competitive edge. In addition, eChineseLearning is devoted to teaching Chinese to people of all walks of life such as professionals in IT, education, and so on, which would meet everyone’s Chinese needs.


HSK 3 quiz

1. Read the dialogue and answer the question below.

Xiǎo Wáng: Nǐ yào qù Zhōngguó lǚyóu ma?

Lì Li: Shìde, búguò bù wánquán shì.

Xiǎo Wáng: Shénme yìsi?

Lì Li: Wǒ shì qù zuò yīngyǔ lǎoshī, shùnbiàn lǚyóu.

Which of the following is true according to the dialogue? Please choose the best answer.
A. Li Li will visit China only for traveling.
B. Li Li will be an English teacher in China.
C. Li Li will visit China only for teaching English.

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