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加油 (jiāyóu) Make an extra effort (Beginner)

Dec. 17, 2009

加油 (jiāyóu) Make an extra effort   

The character “加 (jiā)” means to increase or to add and “油 (yóu)” means

oil. So the phrase literally means to add oil.



Nǐ kě yào jiāyóu a, búyào gūfùle dàjiā duì nǐ de qīwàng.

You must make an extra effort. Otherwise you don’t live up to everyone’s


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Hello! Your post (加油 (jiāyóu) Make an extra effort (Beginner) | eChineseLearning Daily Brief) does so well that I would like to translate it into French, publish on my french blog and link to you. You have something against it? Regards

Dear Harry Potter,
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