It’s Yummy. (Beginner)

The child is learninging Chinese. At first, his teacher teaches him to say numbers in Chinese. After that, she gives the child candy and asks him: 好吃吗? (Hǎo chī ma?) Is it yummy? And the kid replies: 好吃 (hǎo chī). It’s yummy.
Now, let’s try to learn these two points together.

Language Point One:
How to say the numbers one through ten in Chinese:
1. 一 (yī) one

Do you enjoy movies? You can learn Chinese through movies.
2. 二 (èr) two

Love music? You should try to learn Chinese through music.
3. 三 (sān) three

4. 四 (sì) four

5. 五 (wǔ) five

6. 六 (liù) six

7. 七 (qī) seven

8. 八 (bā) eight

9. 九 (jiǔ) nine

10. 十 (shí) ten

Language Point Two:

The sentence “好吃吗?(Hǎo chī ma?)” means “Is it delicious/yummy?”(吃货 (chīhuò) foodie often say that.)Questions like this one are common when you want to ask how something is. The answer can be “好吃 (hǎo chī) It’s yummy.” The word “好 (hǎo)” is used as an adverb. Alone, “好 (hǎo)” means “good,” and “吃 (chī)” means “eat.” When you put them together, they make something new: the word “yummy” or “tasty.” Look at a few more words: “好看 (hǎo kàn)” means “looks good”or “pretty,” 好听 (hǎo tīng) means “sounds nice,” and 好玩 (hǎo wán) means “fun” or “interesting.” Putting “吗 (ma)” at the end makes the sentencea question.


Jīntiān de diànyǐng hǎo kàn ma?
Dan: 今天   的  电影      好    看   吗?

Is the movie today good (to watch)?
Hái xíng, dàn bàomǐhuā hěn hǎo chī.
Lily: 还   行,但    爆米花     很    好   吃。

Just so-so, but the popcorn is delicious.
Zhè shǒu gē zhēn hǎo tīng.
这     首     歌  真    好    听。

This song is very nice (to hear).
Zhè kuǎn shǒujī hěn hǎo yòng.
这      款   手机   很    好    用。

This type of mobile phone is easy to use.


Choose the best answers.

1. Which of the following is the correct character for the number “ten?”
A. 一 (yī)          B. 十 (shí)          C. 六 (liù)
Zhège píngguǒ zhēn hǎo ___?
2. 这个     苹果        真    好  ___?
This apple tastes good.
A. 吃 (chī)        B. 玩 (wán)        C. 听 (tīng)
Answers to the practice questions: 1. B       2. A

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