Is it too late to start learning Mandarin at the age of 15?

When the Canadian girl Emma, now 17 years old, was fifteen years old, her school started providing Chinese classes to students. Before the Chinese class began, she happened to watch a Chinese movie at home and developed a strong interest in Chinese culture. Thus, she started her journey of learning Chinese by joining the Chinese Class at school. At first, she only learned pinyin and simple Chinese characters with her school teacher. Due to her growing interest in Chinese culture, she often spent her free time watching Chinese movies.

Emma’s passion for learning Chinese led her to seek help from her father. Her father found the online one-on-one Chinese course, eChineseLearning, for her. Emma was determined to realize her dream of learning Chinese through this course.

In the course, Emma studied with an experienced tutor named Mrs Zhang. Mrs Zhang not only had rich teaching experience but also showed great patience and enthusiasm. Under her guidance, Emma gradually overcame the difficulties in learning, and her Chinese proficiency improved steadily.

In addition to classroom learning, Emma utilized her free time to enhance her language skills by watching Chinese movies, listening to Chinese songs, and reading Chinese stories. Her efforts and perseverance paid off, and her spoken Chinese and listening comprehension skills improved significantly.

During the learning process, Emma also delved into Chinese history and culture, developing a deep interest in traditional Chinese arts like Chinese calligraphy.

Two years later, Emma had a significant moment in her learning journey—she participated in a Chinese speech contest at school. In her speech, she eloquently expressed her understanding and love for Chinese culture in fluent Chinese. Her speech was full of emotion and deeply impressed the audience, enabling her to win first prize in the contest. More importantly, she gained confidence, resilience, and a profound understanding of Chinese culture during this learning journey.

Emma’s story tells us that no matter how old you are, not to mention the age of 15, as long as you have enough passion and effort, learning Chinese and achieving success are entirely possible. Moreover, through online one-on-one courses like eChineseLearning, learners can study in the comfort of their own homes and receive personalized instruction, thus realizing their dreams of learning Chinese.

If you are interested in having your kid learn Chinese, sign up for a free trial class via the form on this page, and we will be happy to help.

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