Fruits (Intermediate)

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Brief: Learn how to talk about your favorite fruits in Chinese.

课文Text :
Nĭ zuì xĭhuān chī shénme shuĭguŏ?
A: 你 最   喜欢    吃    什么       水果?
What is your favorite fruit?
Xiāngjiāo, xiāngjiāo néng shĭ rén xīnqíng yúkuài.
B: 香蕉,       香蕉         能     使  人    心情      愉快。
Banana, and banana can make us light-hearted.
Bùcuò , wŏ yĕ xĭhuān chī xiāngjiāo.
A: 不错,  我  也   喜欢    吃     香蕉。
Yes, I also love eating bananas.

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  1. i realy like your method to teach chinese , in fact i have already studied chinese in china ; and i just want to review and improve it …thank you so much ; and hope we keep in touch .

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