How to say “Thanksgivings” in Chinese? (Intermediate)

Thanksgiving Day is coming up. Do you know how to read and write the Chinese Characters


for Thanksgiving Day?
The Chinese Characters


for “Thanksgiving Day”  are “感恩节(Gǎn’ēnjié),” or the traditional Chinese characters “感恩節(Gǎn’ēnjié).” “感(gǎn)” means to appreciate or to give thanks. “恩(ēn)” means the favor you have received. The radical for “感” and “恩” is “心(xīn),” which means heart. Generally speaking,  Chinese Characters


with the radical “心” are all related to psychological behaviors, such as “想(xiǎng)” to miss, “思(sī)” to think, “恐(kǒng)” to fear, and so on. Now you can give thanks to your friends with the following Chinese sentences:

1)Gǎn'ēnjié kuàilè!
1. 感恩节  快乐! 

Happy Thanksgiving Day!
2)Gěi nǐmen quánjiā Gǎn’ēnjié de zhùfú.
2. 给 你们    全家      感恩节     的 祝福。

Thanksgiving wishes for you and your family.
3)Qīnài de péngyou men, xièxie nǐmen yìzhí yǐlái de guānhuái hé bāngzhù.
3. 亲爱 的 朋友         们, 谢谢   你们 一直 以来 的 关怀       和 帮助。

Dear friends, thanks for your constant consideration and help.


快乐 (kuàilè): adj. happy

祝福 (zhùfú): n. wishes

关怀 (guānhuái): n. consideration

帮助 (bāngzhù): n. help

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