How to Study for Chinese HSK Exam?

HSK Grammar

As a standardized test of general language proficiency, HSK is not based on any particular textbook or course of study. Therefore, candidates may refer to any textbook in preparing for the test. Nevertheless, it is important that all candidates read the HSK Test Syllabus carefully. A guide for the pre-test preparation contains an introduction to HSK, a sample HSK test paper, answer key, HSK glossary, and a CD of the sample listening questions. Do you have trouble finding the HSK Test Syllabus? Sign up for a free trial now!

Prepare for HSK Exam

The vital thing for the HSK exam is knowing the meaning of words. Understanding the general idea of the passage is not enough; it is essential to understand some background information about the book itself, like the author’s information and the year of publication. A clear definition of the differences between similar words is of paramount importance as this is a large part of the HSK exam.
Last but not least, reading and writing play an important role in the HSK exam. Having an extensive vocabulary will be a huge advantage as well as having some adept writing skills; these can be developed by preparing for the exam properly.

Tips for Taking HSK Exam

1. Prepare properly. Some Chinese learners feel they are ready but still fail the HSK exam; this is because they have not fully understood the structure or content of the exam and hence fail due to a lack of preparation.
2. Have a clear goal of what you want to achieve. The HSK exam should encourage learners to deepen their understanding of the language and continue to learn. If you pass the HSK text, it does not mean you have peaked and cannot learn anymore. Use it as a way to learn rather than a definitive assessment of your level.

Helpful Books for HSK Exam

Good books are essential to getting a high score on the HSK text. Thus, some commonly used preparation books for the HSK are recommended to Chinese learners, such as Chinese Learning Cards for HSK, HSK Essentials, Say it in Chinese, HSK Growing Training, Express Way to HSK (tactics and highlights of HSK ), HSK Listening Key Words, An Intensive Course of HSK, HSK dictionary, etc. All the HSK books above will give you plenty of practice for the HSK exam while improving your Chinese.

How Could We Help for Your HSK Test Preparation?

HSK text Preparation Course provided by eChineseLearning is an online pre-examination training course tailor-made for students who are planning to take the HSK test. Pre-test instructions will cover all the characters, words, and grammar points related to the HSK text. These Chinese courses include reading, listening, grammar, and comprehensive exercises that are equivalent to the HSK test standard. Aside from providing a systematic guide to the exam, we also offer analysis of frequent errors and difficulties for foreign students. Want to get a satisfactory score in the HSK exam?

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