Hiring Staff? Take This HSK Quiz And Be Sure They Are “人才 (Réncái)”!

Sample HSK Test Practice
HSK Sample quiz:

Rose and Jenny are talking about Jack, the new staff member, in the lounge.
Rose: Nǐ juéde Jack zěnmeyàng?
Rose: 你  觉得 Jack     怎么样?
Rose: What do you think of Jack?

Jenny: Jack shì gè réncái, jīnglǐ hěn shǎngshí tā!
Jenny: Jack 是 个   人才,经理 很   赏识      他!

According to the dialogue, what does “

人才 (réncái)

” mean?
A. Good person
B. Handsome person
C. Famous person
D. Talented person

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