Have You Ever Heard of “Liú gēng hóng nǚ hái (刘畊宏女孩)”?

Have you heard of “Liú gēng hóng nǚ hái (刘畊宏女孩)” before? What is “Liú gēng hóng nǚ hái (刘畊宏女孩)” exactly?
During the home quarantine in Shanghai amid the COVID pandemic, Liu Genghong, aka Will Liu, a 49-year-old singer from Taiwan went viral for his workout live streams. He has been working out for over 30 years and has worked as a fitness coach for many celebrities. Now his Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok) account has rocketed to nearly 72 million followers and 110 million likes, igniting people’s interest in indoor exercise.
People who follow Liu’s workout videos to perform weight loss exercises call themselves “Liú gēng hóng nǚ hái/nán hái (刘畊宏女孩/男孩)” Liu Genghong’s girl/boy. Today we’ll teach you some words that are often appearing in his live-streams.

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1. Rè shēn (热身) v. warm up/n. warm-up

Yùn dòng qián rè shēn hěn zhòng yào.
运      动     前  热   身    很     重     要。
It’s important to warm up before exercises.

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2. Zhuì ròu (赘肉) n. flab/spare tyre

Wǒ de yāo shàng yǒu zhuì ròu.
我   的  腰    上      有    赘   肉。
I have love handles.

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3. Rén yú xiàn (人鱼线) n. iliac furrow/V shape

Wǒ xiǎng yāo yǒu rén yú xiàn.
我     想     要   有   人  鱼   线。
I want to get that V-shape below my lower abs.

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4. Mǎ jiǎ xiàn (马甲线) n. firm abs

Nǐ de mǎ jiǎ xiàn zhēn bù cuò.
你  的 马  甲  线     真   不  错。
Your firm abs are impressive.

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What other Chinese words and phrases do you want to learn? You’re welcome to tell us in the comments section below!

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