Free open class: Fill your belly with this free online Chinese class

China’s food culture has a long history. It embodies the personality and traditions of the Chinese nation, and can play an outsized role in Chinese etiquette.
In China, even our greetings to acquaintances are not, “Hi!” or, “How are you?” but, “你吃了吗 (nǐ chī le ma) Have you eaten yet?” so food can be said to be an indispensable part of our lives, beyond just eating for sustenance.

Therefore, eChineseLearning has launched a “Learn real Chinese, eat real Chinese food” open class.
After taking this class, you’ll not only have learned Chinese food vocabulary, but also have gained an understanding of Chinese food culture.
And, perhaps most importantly (to some of you), after taking this class, you won’t have to worry about not being able to order all the delicious food you see around you when you come to China!
If Chinese food is your “cup of tea”, then this Chinese class is one you won’t want to miss!!! Or we’ll “eat our words.”
Free registration for the “Learn real Chinese, eat real Chinese food” open class!

Course content

1.You’ll learn all about Chinese food culture
2.We’ll teach you 5 important vocabulary words and 2 key sentence patterns
3.Ordering food in China will be a “snap”

Class Time

2020.12.13 21:00 (Beijing Standard Time; GMT +8)
2020.12.13 8:00 (EST; GMT -5)
2020.12.13 14:00 (Central European Time; GMT +1)


Sophia is an eChineseLearning Chinese teacher.
Sophia dreamed of becoming a teacher of Chinese as a foreign language from when she made her first friend from another country in junior high school. She likes learning about the culture of and making friends with people from different countries. She has many friends from all over the world in her life, and she often helps them living their life in China, including correcting their Chinese pronunciation and helping them develop an authentic Chinese vocabulary set, all of which she loves to do.
You’ll have a great experience learning Chinese with Sophia, and sharing your experiences, knowledge and interests with her in Chinese.

Target audience

1.People who love Chinese food or want to travel or live in China.
2.Foodies who want to expand their palate next time they go to a Chinese restaurant.
3.Amateur cooks looking for inspiration in the kitchen.
4.Chinese language enthusiasts who want to improve their spoken Chinese.


1.Practice Chinese vocabulary and sentences about food.
2.Learn how to order food in Chinese.
3.Join a Chinese exchange group for free, get help and plenty of learning materials from professional teachers.

How to attend

1.Forward this post on any of your social media platforms and take a screenshot of it.

2.Please register(for free) by clicking this link:
3.If you have any questions, please contact:
Skype ID:
WeChat: TeacherAssistant_ECL

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