Effective Ways for Kids to Form a Daily Routine of Learning Mandarin

Leah was adopted from China to the United States. Her journey with Chinese began at the age of 7 under the guidance of a private tutor. However, with time, this support gradually faded, leaving her proficiency at a low level. eChineseLearning is an online Chinese school. Her father, William, had been learning Chinese with eChineseLearning and found it more convenient than traditional courses. As Leah entered middle school, William hoped for her to steadily improve her Chinese skills. At that time, her proficiency was minimal, with a grasp limited to phrases like “my name is,” “not,” and “cat,” having forgotten much else. Therefore, her father enrolled her in eChineseLearning at her age of 14.

Leah proved highly receptive to her Chinese teacher’s guidance after switching to eChineseLearning. To ensure Leah’s progress, her teacher at eChineseLearning encouraged the establishment of a daily study routine.

To instill Leah’s daily Chinese learning habit, William allocated 7:00 to 8:00 every evening for her study time. During this period, Leah focused on reviewing or previewing lesson content as directed by her teacher in her room, minimizing distractions. William ensured the teacher monitored Leah’s progress during each session. Leah’s room was equipped with numerous Chinese learning materials, and William maintained regular communication with the teacher to refine their study plan. Initially challenging, William motivated Leah by rewarding her with Chinese meals or family gatherings for consistent efforts. After a month of persistence, Leah independently initiated her Chinese study session after school each day. These session encompassed various activities such as reviewing assigned material, watching Chinese movies, reading stories, or learning new vocabulary. Over time, Leah’s proficiency noticeably improved as she dedicated time daily to Chinese learning, gradually developing a fondness for the language.

Developing a daily habit of learning Chinese in kids is all about strict supervision in the initial stages to ensure they adhere to the routine daily. It’s equally crucial to make your kid genuinely enjoy the process. Once kid forms the habit of learning at the designated time, constant supervision becomes unnecessary.

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