3 thoughts on “Video Lesson: Don’t call me “xiǎojiě!” OK?”

    1. jennifer.zhu

      Hi Nwet. I’m glad you like the article we posted. We will keep updating more interesting and useful posts, please feel free to check.

  1. Eugenio Llorente

    I am glad to see that you now explain the 33 tone change to 23 when talking of 美女 (měinǚ = méinǚ).
    However, in today’s lesson there’s another tone change as important or more important, I mean more noticeable. When you refered to 女士, nǚshì you explicitly, separately ,explain with your hand the 3rd 女nǚ and 4th tone 士shì. But naturally when you pronounce the word 女士 you naturally change the full 3rd tone of 女 to “half” tone which is a huge and quite noticeable tone change even for beginners. These tone changes need to be empphasized even for advanced students, let alone for beginners. You could also devote in the future a program to the sound changes of the 3rd tone. This matter is very easily explained. English phonetics is way much, much, much more difficult and I see that you master it, congratulations.

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