Discuss the new president of the United States with this Chinese quiz


The United States presidential election is nearly here and its time to put your Chinese to the test! There are many different words for different types of leaders in Chinese, let’s see if you know them.
Choose the correct answer to fill in the blank:
Jenny: Jack, nǐ juéde xīn yí jiè de měiguó ______ huì shì shuí?
Jenny: Jack, 你 觉得 新 一 届 的  美国  ______   会  是   谁?
Jenny: Jack, who do you think the new president of the United States will be?
Jack: Hilary hé Trump dōu búcuò, shuí dāngxuǎn dōu xíng!
Jack: Hilary 和 Trump  都   不错,谁     当选        都   行!
Jack: Hilary and Trump are both good, whoever is elected is fine!
A. 主席 (zhǔxí)
B. 总统 (zǒngtǒng)
C. 首相 (shǒuxiàng)

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