Daily Quiz: Received 9999 roses?

Elementary Level 初级 (chūjí)

Scene: Lucy and Lily saw on the news that a famous Chinese TV host sent 9999 roses to the international film star Ziyi Zhang.


         9999 duǒ méigui qiúhūn a.
Lucy: 9999 朵    玫瑰     求婚  啊。
         Shì a, rúguǒ shì wǒ, wǒ kěndìng yuànyì.
 Lily: 是啊,如果   是  我,我   肯定       愿意。
Question: What does “求婚 (qiúhūn)” mean?
A. To propose marriage
B. To get married
C. To get divorced

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