Chinese test: When Are You Going to Get Married? (Elementary)

Tina and Kate have been good friends ever since they were kids. The two of them do almost everything together: shopping at the same stores, going to the same university and working at the same company, but this time things are different. Tina got married last week while Kate remains single. At the moment, they are having afternoon tea and discussing this situation.

          Nǐ zhǔnbèi shénme shíhou jiéhūn?
Tina:你   准备      什么      时候   结婚?

          Sānshí suì____kěndìng jiéhūn.
Kate:三十     岁 ____   肯定     结婚。


Which of the following is the correct option to fill in the above blank?

A. 以前 (yǐqián)

B. 从前 (cónɡqián)

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