Chinese Test: I’m Sorry, I’m Late. (Elementary)

Elementary Level 初级 (chū)


Scene: It is Nate and Ellen’s first date, but Nate is late.

          Duìbuqǐ, wǒ chídào le.
Nate: 对不起,我  迟到    了。

          Nǐ zěnme huí shì a? Dì yī cì yuēhuì jiù chídào.
Ellen: 你怎么     回   事啊?第一次 约会   就 迟到。

          Gānggāng yì zhí zài dǔchē.
Nate: 刚刚          一 直   在   堵车。

How does Ellen respond to Nate being late?

A. She thinks it doesn’t matter.

B. She is not happy about it.

C. She was worried about him. 
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