Chinese Test: Are you a sweet talker?

Beginner Level 初级 (chū)


Lisa is shopping with her daughter Amy. In the street, they meet Lora, Lisa’s classmate. Lisa let Amy say “hello” to Lora. 

         Lora āyí hǎo.
Amy: Lora 阿姨好。

         Amy nǐhǎo.
Lora: Amy 你好。

          Lora āyí zhēn piàoliang.
Amy: Lora 阿姨  真    漂亮。

          (Xiàozhe shuō) Zhè háizǐ zuǐ zhēn tián.
Lora: (笑着        说)     这    孩子 嘴    真  甜。

What does Lora mean?

A. Amy is a sweet talker.

B. Amy is a naughty kid.

C. Amy is a beautiful kid.

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