Chinese Mini-Test: Where is the Wife’s Necklace? (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

    Lǎogōng, nǐ zhīdào wǒ de xiàngliàn zài nǎ ma?
A: 老公,     你  知道   我  的   项链      在 哪 吗?
    Kàn, xiàngliàn zài zhuōzi xiàmian.
B: 看,   项链      在   桌子     下面。
Question: Where is the wife’s necklace?

A. On the chair
B. Under the chair
C. On the table
D. Under the table.
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3 thoughts on “Chinese Mini-Test: Where is the Wife’s Necklace? (Beginner)”

  1. This Mandarin class helps me notice how “老公 (lǎogōng) husband” is used in spoken Chinese. What is “wife” in oral Chinese?

  2. Here is additional vocabulary related to this Mandarin class:
    “丈夫 (zhàngfu) husband” and “妻子 (qīzi) wife” are the formal ways to address a husband and/or wife.

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