Chinese Mini-Test: Where is the Wife’s Necklace? (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

    Lǎogōng, nǐ zhīdào wǒ de xiàngliàn zài nǎ ma?
A: 老公,     你  知道   我  的   项链      在 哪 吗?
    Kàn, xiàngliàn zài zhuōzi xiàmian.
B: 看,   项链      在   桌子     下面。
Question: Where is the wife’s necklace?

A. On the chair
B. Under the chair
C. On the table
D. Under the table.
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3 thoughts on “Chinese Mini-Test: Where is the Wife’s Necklace? (Beginner)”

  1. Here is additional vocabulary related to this Mandarin class:
    “丈夫 (zhàngfu) husband” and “妻子 (qīzi) wife” are the formal ways to address a husband and/or wife.

  2. This Mandarin class helps me notice how “老公 (lǎogōng) husband” is used in spoken Chinese. What is “wife” in oral Chinese?

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