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Chinese Mini-Test: I Don’t Want Coffee. (Beginner)

Apr. 2, 2011

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

Choose the correct answer to fill in the blank.

Nǐ yào hē kāfēi ma?
A:你 要   喝  咖啡 吗?
Do you want coffee?

Wǒ _____ hē kāfei, wǒ yào hē niúnǎi.
B:我_____    喝 咖啡,我  要   喝  牛奶。
No, I don’t want to drink coffee. I want to drink milk.

A: 不想 (bù xiǎng)

B: 不好 (bù hǎo)

C: 不是 (bú shì)

D: 不用 (bú yòng)

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“不(bù)” can be used before verbs adjective and adverbs to indicate a negative tone in Mandarin Chinese.
For example:
zhè gè zhúyì bùhǎo.
This idea is not good.
Wǒ búhuì shuō Hànyǔ.
I can speak Mandarin Chinese.
Wǒ bù cháng qù nàr.
I didn’t go there often.

When is the word “bu” used? Can you help me learn this Mandarin Chinese word online?

I don’t think D is correct. Answer A is most suitable. I have learned that “想” is used to express wishes and desires.

I think the answer is D, right?

thanks very much for mini test

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