Chewing gum is called jiáo kǒuxiāngtáng in Chinese.

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The right answer for the Chinese test is C.

In China, the common activity of chewing gum is called 嚼口香糖(jiáo kǒuxiāngtáng). Gum is called口香糖, or 泡泡糖(pàopàotáng), which in English is translated into “bubble gum.” We use the verbs嚼 ( jiáo) or 吃(chī) to describe the action of chewing gum. Literally, 嚼means “to chew” and 吃means “to eat.”
At best, chewing gum is an overlooked hobby that might keep someone occupied, entertained, or maybe even quiet. At worst, it can definitely bring something of a sloppy or incompetent appearance. Chewing gum is obviously a personal preference and albeit much better than smoking or drinking, there is still a time and a place.
You’ve probably seen those daring enough to chew gum in a workplace meeting, while attempting to give you directions on the phone, or maybe even compliment the new movie in theatres with their own dialogue of lip smacking. With so many strikes against it, you might wonder why gum chewing is such a popular thing to do in the first place. Fruit flavors and jaw exercise aside, for many, it remains a mystery.
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