Chinese test: Buying birthday flowers for Mom (Elementary)

Li Hua’s mother’s birthday is coming up soon. Since she’s thinking about a bouquet of flowers for a gift, she’s asking a flower shop their prices.

            Lǎobǎn, zhè shù huār duōshao qián?
Li Hua:老板,  这   束    花儿      多少    钱?

            Wǔshí kuài qián.
Seller:五十    块    钱。

Tài guì le!
Li Hua:太  贵 了!

             Nǐ xiǎng __ duōshao qián?
Seller:你 想 ___     多少     钱?

            Sānshí kuài qián.
Li Hua:三十    块     钱。


Which one of the following words is most appropriate for the above blank? __________

A. 花 (huā)

B. 费 (fèi)

C. 话 (huà)

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