Break Diving’s Chinese Fluency Project

Come Practice Your Chinese With Break Diving’s Chinese Fluency Project!


If you’re an eChineseLearning student, you know that studying at eChineseLearning is an incredible tool to help you learn to speak, read, write, and understand Chinese.

But is it enough?

Even your teachers will tell you, “不够了!” It’s not enough!
The truth is, studying Chinese with your teachers… is just the beginning.

So what else is there?

PRACTICE! Lots of it. With real people who are not your teachers.

Enter: Break Diving’s Chinese Fluency Project.
What’s that? Glad you asked!

First, Break Diving is an American not-for-profit social media site with one mission: helping people around the world find happiness, success, and friendship.

Well, one of the things we do is provide free opportunities to practice Chinese, through our Chinese Fluency Project. You can meet others around the world studying Chinese, practice reading and writing on our message boards, and in our Chinese chat room.

You can also have some laughs with other members in our live online video discussions, all in Chinese. Sounds fun, right?

Second, we help you broaden your horizons in other ways too, from helping you to study different languages and helping you with a visa to learning how to code and sharing member photography with you!

Break Diving (the art of diving for your own big breaks in life) is a wonderfully friendly, supportive, and motivational community of winners from around the world, and… we’d love you to come to join us too!

So yes, continuing your regular studies at eChineseLearning is important.

However, practicing what you learn outside of class is just as important. You can do so at Break Diving’s Chinese Fluency Project.

Come apply to Break Diving at

Read more about the Chinese Fluency Project at

And check out the not-for-profit mission at

I hope to see you at our Chinese chatroom soon! 我也会说中文!真棒,对不对?
Dr. Monroe Mann, Ph.D. (Attorney, MBA, LLM, ME) is the founder of Break Diving, Inc. & the not-for-profit Chinese Fluency Project.

You can read more about the company at, read more about the Chinese Fluency Project at, and apply to join the community at www.breakdiving.ioMonroe is also a proud eChineseLearning student.

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