It Is Hot! (Beginner)

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Learn how to make comments on the weather, and learn idoms such as xin1 jing4 zi4 ran2 liang2 (if you have control of your mind, you will feel cool in a hot weather).

课文 Text :

Jīntiān zhēn rè!
A: 今天     真   热 !
It is really hot today
Shì a,  kōngtiáo kāi le ma?
B: 是 啊 , 空调    开  了  吗 ?
Yes, is the air-conditioner on?
Méiyŏu,  shĕng diăn diàn ba?
A:  没有 ,    省     点    电   吧 ?
No , let us save on the electricity .
Yĕ duì,   xīn jìng zì rán liáng!
B: 也  对 ,心  静  自 然   凉 !
You are right, when you have that control of mind, you will feel cool even in hot weather

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