Basic Strokes & 吧 (ba) A Modal Particle

Basic Strokes

Chinese character is one important part to learn Chinese. In the previous issues(June 10, 2009 & June 17, 2009), six kinds of basic Chinese character strokes were introduced: 撇(piĕ) left-falling stroke, 竖(shù) vertical stroke, 捺(nà) right-falling stroke, 横(héng) horizontal stroke, 点(diăn) dot stroke and 提(tí) rising stroke. In this issue, another two kinds of basic strokes will be introduced: turning strokes and hook strokes which must be attached to some other strokes, i.e. dependent strokes.

Dependent Strokes
Chinese Character: 吧

拼音(pīn yīn) pin yin: ba
笔画(bĭ huà) number of strokes: 7
含义(hán yì) meaning: (modal particle indicating polite suggestion)/ …right? / …OK?
笔顺(bĭ shùn) stroke order:

词源(cí yuán) Etymology: The left part 口 (kŏu) indicates making inquiries and the right part 巴 (bā) is the sound element.
部首(bù shŏu) Radical: 口(kŏu) mouth
常用词语(cháng yòng cí yŭ) Frequently-used words or phrases: 酒吧(jiŭ bā) pub

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