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Basic Sentence Patterns in Chinese

Apr. 16, 2008

Learn Chinese Grammar – Basic sentence pattern

As you begin learning Chinese, you will notice a few similarities between the structure of Chinese language and that of English. Yes, the basic sentence pattern “S-V-O” is same as that in English. Here are more examples, with the English rendered somewhat literally so that you can see the structure of the Chinese.

• S-V-O
Wŏ xìng zhāng.
我 姓 张。
I am surnamed Zhang.

• S-Adv-V-O
Tā yĕ xìng zhāng.
他 也 姓 张。
He is also surnamed Zhang.

• S-V-O-吗
Nĭ xìng zhāng ma?
你 姓 张 吗?
Are you surnamed Zhang?

1. S-V-O
Wŏ shì mĕiguó rén.
我 是 美国 人。
I am American.

2. S-Adv-V-O
Tā yĕshì mĕiguó rén.
他 也是 美国 人。
He is also American.

3. S-V-O-吗
Nĭ shì mĕiguó rén ma?
你 是 美国 人 吗?
Are you American?

Easy, but is useful. You can use the sentence pattern when you introduce a friend.

Here is example:

Nínhăo, wŏ shì Peter, tā shì wŏ de Zhōngguó péngyou Dīng Lì.
A:您好,我 是 Peter,他 是 我 的 中国 朋友 丁力。
Hello, I am peter, he is my Chinese friend Dingli.

Nín hăo, wŏ shì David.
B:您好, 我 是 David。
Hello, I am David.

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