Answers to the exercises on shopping

1. A
The sentence is “苹果很便宜 (Píngguǒ hěn piányi),” means “Apples are very cheap.” It’s the first usage of the word 便宜 (piányi), as we mentioned in the above passage.

2. C
“星期天我们去血拼吧! (Xīngqītiān wǒmen qù xuèpīn ba!)” means, “Let’s go shopping on Sunday!” 血拼 (xuèpīn) is the homonymic pronunciation of the English word “shopping.” For the other choices in question 2, “jigsaw puzzle” in Chinese is 拼图 (pīntú). “Fight” in Chinese is 打架 (dǎjià), and “hospital” in Chinese is 医院 (yīyuàn). So the right answer should be C, 血拼 (xuèpīn), for “shopping.”

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