Answer to Wife, Tiger? What’s The Difference?

Answer: B
老师 (lǎoshī) teacher.

老虎 (lǎohǔ) tiger.

老婆 (lǎopo) wife.

老人 (lǎorén) old people.

Did you notice the keyword “动物园 (dòngwùyuán) zoo”?
Of the four options, it’s obvious that only the word “tiger” is related to the word “动物园 (dòngwùyuán) zoo.” Here’s a complete translation:
Jīntiān wǒmen qù dòngwùyuán kàn le lǎohǔ.
今天     我们    去      动物园       看  了  老虎。
Today we went to the zoo and saw tigers.

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