Answer to What does the phrase “晚会(wǎnhuì)” mean?

Correct Answer: C

A. 庆祝(qìngzhù) is the word for “Celebration.”

The character 庆(qìng) means to celebrate or congratulate and 祝(zhù) means to express good wishes.

B. 会议(huìyì) is the word for “Meeting.”

The character 会(huì) means meeting or conference and 议(yì) means to discuss.

C. 晚会(wǎnhuì) is the word for “Evening party.”

The character 晚(wǎn) means evening and 会(huì) means party.

D. 电视节目(diànshì jiémù) is the word for “TV program.”

The character 电(diàn) means electricity, 视(shì) means to look at or regard as, 节(jié) means festival and 目(mù) means eyes.
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