Answer to What does the phrase “同胞(tóngbāo)” mean?

Correct Answer: B

A. 家庭成员(jiātíng chéngyuán) is the word for “Family member.”

The character 家(jiā) means family, 庭(tíng) means a front courtyard, 成(chéng) means to become or achieve and 员(yuán) means a member.
B. 同胞(tóngbāo) is the word for “Fellow citizen.”
The character 同(tóng) means the same and 胞(bāo) means children of the same parents.

C. 兄弟(xiōngdi) is the word for “Brother.”

The character 兄(xiōng) means elder brother and 弟(dì) means younger brother.

D. 朋友(pénɡyou) is the word for “Friend.”

The character 朋(péng) and 友(yǒu) both mean friends.
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