Answer to What does the phrase “看电视(kàndiànshì)” mean?

Correct Answer: A


A.”Watch TV” refers to 看电视(kàndiànshì).
看(kàn) means watching and 电视(diànshì) means TV.
B.”Read a book” refers to 看书(kànshū).
看(kàn) means watching and 书(shū) means book.
C.”Wash clothes” refers to 洗衣服(xĭyīfu).
洗(xĭ) means washing and 衣服(yīfu) means clothes.
D.”Listen to music” refers to 听音乐(tīngyīnyuè).
听(tīng) means listening and 音乐(yīnyuè) means music.
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