Answer to the Exercise on How Tall Are You?

Correct Answer: A
In the Chinese language, “多(duō)” can be used as an adjective meaning “many/ much/ a lot”, etc.


Chāoshì lǐ de rén zhēn duō a!
超市      里 的  人  真     多  啊!
There are so many people in the supermarket!

Tom zuótiān hē duō le.
Tom   昨天    喝  多 了。
Tom drank too much yesterday.

Also, “多(duō)” can be used to form a question with the following structure: “Subject + 多 + Adjective?” In this type of question, “多(duō)” indicates the degree or extent of the adjective, such as “多高(duō gāo) how tall”, “多长(duō cháng) how long”, “多大(duō dà) how old”, and so on.


Rose:  Mǎ Lì,  nǐ   érzi  jīnnián duō dà le?
Rose:马 丽,你  儿子 今年     多  大 了?
Rose: Ma Li, how old is your son?

Mǎ Lì: Shíwǔ suì le.
马  丽: 15    岁 了。
Ma Li: 15 years old.


Bob: Zhè tiáo kùzi duō cháng?
Bob:这  条   裤子  多   长?
Bob: How long are these trousers?

Salesgirl: 70  lǐmǐ.
Salesgirl:70 厘米。
Salesgirl: 70 centimeters.

In our test, Zhang Ying asks how tall Mike is, so we should use “多(duō)” before “高(gāo)” to form a question. This makes the correct answer A.
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