Answers to Score a Goal by Answering the 2018 World Cup Quiz

Answer: 1. A   2. B    3. A    4. B

俄罗斯 (Éluósī): Russia, the white in the banner represents the snow-capped mountains throughout the year, the blue symbolizes Russia’s rich natural resources, and the red symbolizes the long history of Russia and its contribution to human civilization.

日本 (Rìběn): Japan.

阿根廷 (Āgēntíng): Argentina.

德国 (Déguó): Germany, the three colors of black, red and gold have symbolized the ambition of the Nordic people for unity, independence and sovereignty.

法国 (Fǎguó): France, tricolor was once a symbol of the French Revolution. Tricolor represents freedom, equality, and love.

巴西 (Bāxī): Brazil.

英格兰 (Yīnggélán): England.

西班牙 (Xībānyá): Spain, red and yellow are the traditional colors loved by the Spanish people and symbolize the people’s loyalty to the motherland. The Coat of Arms of the National Emblem painted a pattern representing the five kingdoms that make up Spain.

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