Answer to Modern Ladies, Do You Have “女子力 (Nǚzǐlì)”? Know the Traits of “Women Power”

Answer: C

A. 吃饭 (Chīfàn): eating

B. 房间乱 (Fángjiān luàn): chaotic room

C. 时尚 (Shíshàng): stylish

D. 不守时 (Bù shǒushí): unpunctual

Women who have “女子力 (nǚzǐlì) women power” have good living habits. They will organize their room efficiently, enjoy their signature dish, follow trends and be punctual about dating. In the quiz, option of A is irrelevant, B and D are the opposite of “女子力 (nǚzǐlì) women power.” Therefore, the correct answer is C, “时尚 (shíshàng) stylish.”

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